Do not be violent against the legitimate and democratic demands of the people!

Statement of the Iranian branch of the International Association of Sociologists Without Borders

Sociologists Without Borders Association, Iran branch, believes that the peaceful protests of the Iranian people in the fall of 1401 shows the political consciousness of the generations who brought their legitimate demands to the social and public arena.

This association believes that the people's protests are the product of the accumulation of civil rights and demands of the people which have not been implemented during the decades after the revolution and the war (imposed by the government on the nation), and these claims have always been ignored and suppressed by the Islamic regime .

The protesters movement especially by the youth people are an uprising against the banning of the political spheres resulting from the structure of religious and undemocratic authoritarianism, which condemns and represses the voices of protest and dissent under the name of conflict with religion and "province of jurisprudence" for four decades.

This association believes that the people's protests are the opposition of the young generations who, by hoping for the future, distance themselves from the past. They do not align with the regressive rituals, culture, norms and views dictated by the religious authority.

The current protests of the people are a flood of claims that is standing against gender discrimination, ethnicity’ distinction, political and religious beliefs, and class divisions, and it seeks to change the current unequal politic-economic structures.

 The association believes that the people protests are a movement against all the unequal economic structures, widespread government corruption and the increasing poverty of a large part of the society, along with the unimaginable wealth gathering of the ruling classes who have been embezzling and depleting the country's economy for a long time.

The association's analysis of the current situation is that people protests are an uprising against an inefficient religious government and its basic claim is, on the one hand, non-interference of religion, clergy and military forces in the public spheres, and on the other hand, it seeks to strengthen secular, modern and democratic structures. People's protests are the result of a national and territorial solidarity, a society that has common and countless concerns, issues and rights in the national sphere.

Therefore, with this statement, while supporting the nationwide protests and the legitimate claims of the youth and other parts of the people, this association warns:

1. The Islamic regime does not have the right to violently suppress the civil protests of the people. Governmental institutions should know that, as a historic evidence, no totalitarian system has been able to remain in power through repression and military pressure.

2. Violent encounters of repression forces in the street, killing, torture, imprisonment and trial in illegal courts, without having the rights to access a lawyer and human rights, and the execution of protestors in the popular uprising are condemned and are a clear violation of the  human rights convention.

3. Government officials and military-security institutions must realize that the current cries of the people are the result of the civil protests and ignored demands, which have accumulated over the past four decades, and the official institutions of power have been unable to understand and respond to them.

4. The United Nations should strive to create a democratic environment by execute a free referendum and with the supervision of international bodies to determine the form and structure of the new government in Iran, in order to pave the way for a peaceful transition to the stabilization of democratic institutions in Iran and its national salvation.

The Iranian branch of the International Association of Sociologists Without Borders

Ali Tayefi

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