An American Sociologist in Iran: Compare Occupy Wall Street with the Green Movement in Iran

مطالعه یک جامعه شناس امریکایی در باره مقایسه جنبش وال استریت و جنبش موسوم به سبز در ایران که دانشگاه تهران مانع از انتشار آن شده است

John L. Hammond
Hunter College and Graduate Center—City University of New York

I was invited to a conference in Tehran on Occupy Wall Street. I was hesitant to accept because I feared that my criticisms of US policy through the lens of OWS might lend support to the oppressive Iranian regime, but I thought it might be an opportunity to express solidarity with the Iranian people against possible US or Israeli aggression. In the end I decided to go and found it an eye-opening experience.